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What is TV1?

TV1 – TV that’s all about your city! Tune in for great on demand content about food, entertainment, sports, people and places where you live. TV1 also offers a unique local take on popular sports franchises such as the Toronto Raptors and the Montreal Canadiens as well as well known TV shows like The Amazing Race Canada, eTalk and more.

Where can I watch?

Watch on channel 1, or on the Fibe TV app. TV1 is available only to Fibe TV subscribers.

How can I get involved?

Our goal is also to empower communities to create and share their stories. Together, we will produce entertaining, informative, and inspiring content. After all, this is your city. And TV1 is your channel.

Fibe VOD

Now available on TV1

Why volunteer?

Do you want work in the television and the broadcasting field but never had the opportunity to pursue it professionally or in school? Are you a student in a related program, itching to get hands-on experience? Please fill out the Volunteer Application and be considered for opportunities. Working alongside professionals in the industry, providing you with guidance, advice, and training, you will learn about production assistance, production administration, camera work, video editing and even hosting.

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