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Missions and Mandate

At TV1 our mission is to engage the communities we serve and help empower people to connect by creating and sharing locally relevant stories.


Send us your ideas:

Do you have an idea or issue to share that is close to home? Is there something inspiring or engaging in your community that needs a louder voice?

Your idea might be a fit for TV1.

We are looking for stories and issues that are full of passion and ideas that are intriguing and engaging.

Do you want to showcase local talent, bring a community issue to light or tell innovative stories that inspire?

TV1 is here to collaborate with you. We will support you in the creation of your idea and help you reach an audience who is seeking relevant local content.


Why submit your passionate idea to TV1?

  • We can help bring your idea to life using world-class production facilities, cutting-edge technology and top-notch talent.
  • We can showcase your existing program. We offer distribution and exposure to a growing audience through Fibe TV.
  • Training / Volunteer. You can apply to participate in the creation of innovative content. You could play a meaningful role through production assistance, camera operation, editing, administration, and more.

At TV1 we aim to revolutionize how community programs are created and shared. Before you send us your proposal, please consider the following:

  • Is your idea innovative? TV1 is not stuck with traditional TV time slots or formats. So be creative. We are open to alternative and emerging media. We want to share stories in new and inventive ways.
  • Does your idea reflect your local community? Does it have diverse voices? We are looking for individuals or groups who have local ideas that do not get enough coverage in traditional media.
  • Will your program or idea help you connect with others in the community, connect with viewers? Our website makes it easy to send in content – pictures, video, text – and we want you to help engage the audience. Are there ways for viewers to contribute to your program? Can they share part of their community through user-generated content?
  • Does your idea cover education, local politics, variety/entertainment, arts, culture or sport? Are we missing something important in your neighbourhood?
  • For TV1 to be successful, we need to partner with people who driven by passion, inspiration and who strive to be innovative.

Rules for Eligibility

You are eligible if you are an individual, a group, not-for-profit, or organization residing in the following communities:

Ontario: Hamilton/Niagara Region, Kingston, Kitchener (including Barrie & area), London, Oshawa, Ottawa

Quebec: Gatineau, Joliette, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Québec City

The idea must come from you, the community.

The program proposal must also include a community member to work on the production. You can be on camera, a producer, a writer, a host or part of the general production team.

You are not eligible if you are employed by the companies of BCE or other Broadcast Distribution Undertakings.

The program is not eligible if it is a commercial venture.

Programs will not be eligible if they do not comply with the regulations set out by the CRTC. The programs must be in compliance with all laws, regulations and policies governing content, taste, community reflection and diversity of voices including the Broadcasting Act, CRTC regulations and other relevant Canadian laws.

While we will review all submissions, and we promise to get back to you in five working days, we may not be able to accommodate all submissions due to our limited resources. So please be patient. We will be in touch.



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