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50 Objects That Define Toronto

50 Objects That Define Toronto

Year: 2016

Genre: Lifestyle

Director: Ian Daffern

Program Description:

Have you ever wondered who first set food in this place we call Toronto? How did this place come to be? Objects you see in this show will take you on that journey.


Episode 1
See how objects from the past set a course for the Toronto we know today. An arrowhead reveals the routes of Toronto's first peoples; and a map by a 13 year-old became the first to define our new city.

Episode 2
See how a Wanted poster, a Whisky Bottle and a Don Valley Brick transformed Hogtown in the Victorian Era.

Episode 3
See how objects from Toronto's past such as lost buildings of Guildwood Park; a buried bridge in the Annex and a batteryless radio take us from Hogtown to Toronto the Good.

Episode 4
See how Toronto takes on the challenges of the Baby Boom with Honest Ed's Signs, houses in Don Mills and a pamphlet that explains How to Ride Canada's First Subway.

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TV1 can be found on channel 1 or on the Fibe TV app. Find out more about our shows through our blog, social media and our Youtube channel.

Where to find these programs?
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