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Year: 2017
Starring: Rebekah Higgs
Genre: Lifestyle

Watch DIY Mom Rebekah Higgs as she turns her very first house into a very loving home for her daughter Lennon. Part home reno show, part family comedy, DIY Mom invites you over for some helpful design tips, hilarious first-home-moments, and a storybook ending you’ll never forget.  

This 10 episode DIY home renovation series brings you into the life of single mom and amateur home-flipper Rebekah Higgs as she goes from destruction to construction in just a few months. With her parents, sister, and daughter’s help, this DIY Mom has her work cutout for her with renovations in every room of the house. Starting with some simple decor decisions, and then getting down to some seriously gritty work, Rebekah somehow finds the time to have a little fun with her crew and her viewers at the same time. Don’t forget to follow Rebekah on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for the next upcoming project by the one and only DIY Mom.



How did DIY MOM get this house to the place it is in now? A lot of hard work and help. Unseen early renovation, demolition and planning footage, that created a blank canvas for Rebekah to work her design magic on

Gallery Wall

Learn how to efficiently design and create a Gallery Wall to add an unforgettable personal touch to your home. Stories from Rebekah’s musical past and hilarious Mother/Daughter road trip antics, and carpet runner tutorial.

Girl's Room

Can DIY MOM create the perfect little girls room with the transformation completed before Lennon's fourth birthday party? A bird themed wallpaper creates trouble when there isn't enough for an entire wall, but a custom frame provides a solution! This episode includes two tutorials you can follow step by step at home. How to wallpaper and how to create an original piece of wall art with weavings that won't break the bank.

Retro House

With a retro house comes a retro bathroom. This monster of a room scared away many a buyer but DIY MOM is ready for the challenge. What can you do with a green bathtub and bright dated tile without the budget to start from scratch? DIY MOM embraces the green to create a boho inspired space despite her sisters insistence she rip it all out. Watch and learn how to lay large tiles and install inexpensive ship lap.

Exterior & Lights

The white & green colonial home needs some major curb appeal. DIY MOM heads to Dulux to select an eye popping exterior colour that compliments a one of a kind front door choice. Demolition reveals an original wood slat wall that is restored to accent wall status. Rebekah designs a custom floor mat made from penny tile commemorating the year the house was built, & pulls apart a store bought fixture for some DIY lighting.

Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom is almost complete, Re-bekah puts some finishing touches on the space by designing a Deco Leather accent wall. The episode is complete with a final re-veal of the dinning room, patio and master bedroom to remember. 


Rebekah creates the perfect living space with low cost small projects that make a big impact. With painting tricks and tiling skills, Rebekah updates the working fireplace and builds wood storage cabinets. Lovely Nova Design creates a coffee table from historic foundry wood, Dust Blasting Atlantic uses walnut shells restore the exterior chimney brick and cellular Budget Blinds ad R value to the old wooden windows.

Ensuite Reno

After discovering a rotten ceiling caused by a poorly constructed deck, Rebekah faces a difficult decision, does she spend the extra cash to create a master bedroom en-suite bathroom and walk in closet? Motivated by the life changing magic of tiding up, Rebekah designs a Japanese style closet for perfect organization and an everything wet European style bath-room with mid-century mod vibe that matches the original home.

Basement Garage

Rebekah decides to gut the basement and turn it into one large multipurpose room, but what next? The uneven concrete foundation makes finding the perfect flooring difficult. Inspira-tion comes through her favourite work out routine and the problem is solved with some team work. KBI Garage Door Services saves the day by removing an eye sore and installing a modern exterior garage door

Reno Complete!

Rebekah turns the old kitchen into a high functioning mudroom, laundry room, & pan-try. The powder room gets a dramatic finish with Dark Floral wallpaper from Ellie Cash-man. With help from Bob the exterior patio is built and Rebekah and Reed complete the privacy wall with some locally sourced hemlock. A quick tutorial teaches how to create a stair runner on a budget & the team celebrates the end of the renovation, with some friendly competition

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