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Eating with Izzie

Eating with Izzie

Year: 2016

Genre: Food

Director: Liam Romalis, Derreck Roemer

Program Description:

Let Izzie, a young inspiring foodie, take you on a culinary adventure around Toronto introducing you to popular ingredients, meals, and desserts you need to taste


Episode 1
Meet Izzie, a very young foodie who will introduce you to various restaurants and cuisines around Toronto. Take a stroll to Tabule restaurant exploring Middle-Eastern foods.

Episode 2
Izzie visits the Leslieville Farmers’ Market introducing you to the delicious local food and treats that can be found there.

Episode 3
Go on a culinary adventure to find home-style Canadian comfort food with Izzie at the Lakeview Restaurant.

Episode 4
Visit a unique Polish café that is also a barber shop. Izzie gets a haircut, and then sits down for some delicious food and snacks at Hastings Snack Bar and Barbershop.

Episode 5
Izzie introduces you to different versions of the popular Chinese dish Dim Sum at the family restaurant Ha Gow Dim Sum House.

Episode 6
Explore Izzie’s favourite type of food, dessert! Sit down with her at Patchmon’s Thai Dessert, Toronto’s first Thai bakery.

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Where to find
these programs?

TV1 can be found on channel 1 or on the Fibe TV app. Find out more about our shows through our blog, social media and our Youtube channel.

Where to find these programs?
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